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    Is this a legitimate business

    Yes, we have necessary documents posted on our Facebook page and website.

    Is this a networking or a ponzi scheme?

    No. A ponzi is a networking that has no real business. A ponzi is something that depends entirely on new members' joiningfee.

    How long has this business been operating?

    The farm business has been operating for 2 years while the investment arm for about a week.

    Do you have a real existing poultry farm? Where is it?

    San Miguel, Bulacan.

    Can we visit your farm?

    Yes. We will arrange farm tours soon.

    Do you have an office? Where is it?

    4th Floor, Space No. F2, Araneta Square, Bonifacio Monumento Circle Caloocan, Philippines 1400

    Hours of office operation?

    Monday to Saturday. 9am to 8pm.

    Who owns this?

    Adrian Dominic Ang

    In case of a catastrophe or unforeseen events, will our earnings be affected?

    No. You are still entitled to 100% of your earnings.

    Is this business sustainable? Yes.


    Where can I get my referral link?

    Your unique referral link is available on your dashboard. Your account must be activated first before it appears.

    Do I have to sign up first or pay first?

    It doesn't matter.

    How do I get an assistance?

    Talk to the person who promoted this program to you. Send us a message on our Facebook page.

    What are the pay in / pay out options?

    Please check our Facebook page.